Alameda County Arrestees who haven’t been charged

Most people whose ALAMEDA COUNTY arraignments have already occurred have not been charged by the DA. If you are one of them, read this.

In many cases, the Alameda County DA has not filed charges by the date set for arraignment because they have not yet received the police report or other info from the cops. Keep in mind that the DA has up to one year to file charges.

Call the DA’s number in a couple of weeks, and then once a month to find out if they have filed criminal charges against you: 510-268-7500.

But DO NOT agree to go in and talk to the DA about your case! Doing so won’t help you. You have a Fifth Amendment right not to talk to the DA, police, or their investigators. (What if you don’t call to find out about charges? The DA will send you a summons by mail, to the address you gave when cited out or bailed out.)

If you find out you are being charged, call the NLG / Fists Up Legal Hotline right away to let us know: 415-285-1011, if you would like criminal representation from the NLG. (Keep in mind that we may not be able to find volunteer attorneys for everyone, and that in some cases it may be a good idea to go with the Public Defender.)

 We still need help getting in touch with more arrestees. We are missing contact information for many of those arrested. Please spread the word for folks to fill out the confidential form, or call the hotline 415-285-1011 with their info (we’d rather you use the form to keep the hotline free.)

If you were subjected to police misconduct, there’s info from the NLG and a confidential report form here.

If you are able, please help us continue the legal support ​work by donating to the ​National Lawyers Guild.  The attorneys, hotline workers, and legal observers are all working for free, but it costs money to keep the NLG office open, accept collect calls from jail, print out know your rights materials, send out bright green hats to legal observers, and brew coffee for our overnight hotline shifts! Click on the “donate” button here or mail in a check payable to the NLG with “Demo Committee” in the memo line, to NLGSF, 558 Capp Street, SF, CA 94110. Thanks!